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Open Your Development Center in Ukraine

Grow Your Business

Ukraine is a terrific destination for both setting up your dev center and hiring remote Agile teams. There are over 170,000 developers, more than 1,000 software development companies, and over 100 R&D centers located in Ukraine. The main challenge is in choosing the right option that will work best for your company.

More and more multinational companies are opening their offices in Ukraine. This process is pretty complicated. You should take into account a lot of things like setting up, managing, human resources, cost control, country’s taxes and legislation. The whole process includes 4 main stages: planning, evaluation, analysing, and selecting.


Who Operates Dev Centers in Ukraine?

Oracle, Cisco, Opera, Huawei, Ubisoft, Samsung, Rakuten, Wix, and many more… These global giants have decade-long relations with Ukrainian software development companies. They entered the market through M&A activity and joint R&D that made the country a home to over 100 software development centers.

The Best of Both Worlds

Opening dev center or hiring a dedicated team? That is the dilema most companies face. Comparing ROI and cost efficiency, nearshore software development teams offer a great solution. For faster starting off, it is good to work with an outsourced team. If your team grows to hundreds, you can always establish your own office when the time is right.

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